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3 tips to overcome everyday aches and pains

Pain is a significant concern for many people. Estimates from the International Association for the Study of Pain suggest that one in five adults across the globe suffer from pain. Pain can affect anyone, even people who have not been in an accident or suffered an injury while playing a sport or performing another physical […]


Manage pain with massage therapy

Addiction to opiates is a growing problem in the United States and Canada. Pain relief therapies, such as massage therapy, can be viable alternatives to the prescription pain medicines that often serve as a gateway to illegal drugs such as heroin. Addiction to prescription painkillers is common. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that […]

Exploring holistic nursing

Nurses wear many hats. In addition to tending to patients and helping families of patients, nurses incorporate the latest technologies into patients’ treatment. Some even work outside of hospitals and doctor’s offices to train the next generation of nurses. Nursing has also branched out to include holistic nursing, which employs alternative medicine to care for […]